Friday, 17 August 2012

How To - Private Hire Licence. Choosing a company Name.

Choosing A Company Name.

It's all in the name and critical to the success of your business. Give this a lot of thought and don't make any hasty decisions as making changes can be problematic both in financial and practical terms.
Research and ask your friends and family what they think of your ideas.

1. What does the name say about what you do and what you provide?
It must be short, to the point and easy to remember. Try and think of something that is not similar to one of yours competitors or another company.

2. Internet friendly. You will want to be available on all media and especially on the internet. Having your own website is top priority and with it is your own website URL or domain. Your chosen company name will be unique and may or may not be available. If someone else already owns the domain name then you will have to think again. Remember, unless you spend a fortune on advertising, if your name is part of a prospective customer's google search then you will have better search engine visibility.  

3. Think of a logo to go with the business name. You can use initials to add to your advertising and image. How does the name suit other advertising like name badges, banners etc. Phrases can be a helpful in attracting attention. 

4. A colour scheme sets the mood and feel of your product or service. Look at other websites or advertising to see what the big boys do. You must convey the right image to reflect what you offer.

5. Consider a personalised registration plate (initials) to advertise your business name and make you more identifiable when collecting customers.

5. Once you have decided upon a name and started to apply it your your business it will be difficult to change. Once you have paid for the domain name and the business cards etc. there is no going back unless you want to start afresh.

I was surprised that, in a competitive place like Southampton, the name Southampton Chauffeur Hire had not been taken.

Look at my website to see how I matched this criteria to my company name.

Next I will be talking about obtaining a council licence.